Clochnahill Wind Farm


Hugh Gordon


Wind Farm

Details & Location

Erection of 4 wind turbines at Clochnahill Farm, Stonehaven, Aberdeenshire.


Consented, constructed and operational.

Aberdeenshire Council refused to grant permission for a four wind turbine scheme at this site near Stonehaven. Hugh Gordon decided to appeal against this decision which was founded on aviation issues. Stephenson Halliday was appointed to assist with the appeal through the preparation of planning evidence. A comprehensive precognition was prepared encompassing all aspects of the proposal including a detailed assessment of the proposal against the policies of the development plan and broader national energy and planning policy and aviation issues. Evidence was presented at the subsequent appeal inquiry which aimed to demonstrate overall compliance with the development plan and emphasise the economic and environmental benefits of the scheme. The Inspector agreed and planning permission was granted. This scheme has been constructed and is now operational.

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