Solar is a rapidly expanding sector across the UK with a quick turnaround from site finding to consent and implementation.

We provide a range of planning solutions for large scale and micro solar farms for EIA and non-EIA developments throughout the UK. We offer Site Search services and Feasibility assessments, EIA, Planning, Landscape and Visual Assessment and Visualisations for solar developments.

As part of the Site Search/Feasibility, Planning, EIA/Application Coordination, our team provides our clients with a full range of planning services from inception through the consents process and discharging of planning conditions for all scales of solar development.  Our planning applications are tailored to the needs of the individual project to ensure a streamlined process.

As part of the Landscape and Visual Assessment we can also prepare detailed mitigation proposals for screening and Visualisations which illustrate their effectiveness. The scale of the assessment is tailored to the scale of the proposal and the likely effects.

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Welltree Brow Solar

Stephenson Halliday has recently provided planning and community consultation services for a large scale solar proposal close to the village of Morland, near Penrith...

Cinderbarrow Lane

Stephenson Halliday was recently commissioned to provide planning and community consultation services for a 5MW solar farm at a site adjacent to the M6...