Birkhams Quarry Interpretation Boards

On the 11th July Stephenson Halliday attended the formal unveiling of the implemented Birkhams Quarry interpretation boards.  Cumbria Geo-Conservation ( kindly organised the event and Mervyn Dodds, who first proposed the Birkhams Quarry site to be a Regionally Important Geological Site, was the honoured guest who made a speech and undertook the unveiling of the interpretation boards.

Stephenson Halliday assisted quarry operators Marshalls Stancliffe Stones, by co-ordinating the development, design and implementation of the interpretation boards located on the Wainwrights Coast to Coast and Cumbria Coastal Way adjacent to Birkhams Quarry near St Bees, West Cumbria.  The interpretation boards were a planning requirement and we worked closely with the National Trust, Cumbria Geo-conservation and Cumbria County Council to ensure all objectives, requirements and a universal benefit to all parties was achieved.  Everyone was great to work with and it was excellent to have an event organised where all parties involved could celebrate the success.

2016-07-14 Birkhams Quarry Interpretation Boards

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