Birkhams Quarry

Stephenson Halliday have assisted Marshalls Stancliffe Stones by co-ordinating the development, design and implementation of the interpretation boards located on the Wainwrights Coast to Coast and Cumbria Coastal Way  adjacent to Birkhams Quarry near St Bees, West Cumbria.  The interpretation boards were a planning requirement and Stephenson Halliday also prepared and submitted the information to Cumbria County Council to discharge the planning condition.

We liaised with the National Trust throughout the process as the site is located within the Colourful Coast,  between Whitehaven and St Bees.  The Colourful Coast is managed by the National Trust, RSPB, Natural England, local councils and other organisations who are working to protect the heritage and local wildlife of this coastline as well as improve public access infrastructure, interpretation and awareness.  To ensure the proposed interpretation boards were in keeping with other Colourful Coast boards located along the coastline the graphic style was prepared in accordance with the Colourful Coast Brand Guidelines.  As Birkhams Quarry is a Regionally Important Geological site Cumbria Geo-Conservation were also involved and assisted with the development and design of the information. 

Geology Board


The interpretation boards comprise a Quarry Board and a Geology Board, mounted upon sandstone blocks taken from the quarry.  The Quarry Board communicates to the public the nature of Birkhams Quarry operations, site restoration, the historic local, national and international use of the mineral product.  It also highlights the Marshalls Stancliffe Stones priority in terms of site operations regarding nature conservation and local wildlife.  The Geology Board  interprets the environment in which the St Bees Sandstone formed and shows members of the public examples of geological features which can be seen on the localised sandstone blocks surrounding the interpretation board.

The Interpretation boards were installed on 13th May 2016 by Border Signs and Graphics.  Immediately after installation members of the public walking the Coast to Coast and local footpaths viewed the boards and provided a high level of positive feedback on the information prepared which they felt was of great interest.

Birkhams quarryBirkhams quarry

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