‘Donegal Dazzler’ approved

‘Donegal Dazzler’ approved…not our choice of words, but great to see the important Meenbog wind farm approved in Ireland.

Really positive to see the appeal decision concur with our landscape assessment, particularly on the sensitive and protected view towards the Barnsemore Gap, and residential visual amenity. After careful consideration the Board concluded:

‘The proposed development would not adversely affect the visual amenities of the area or interfere with any protected views, prospects or scenic routes in the surrounding area, to any significant extent.’

It’s a great end to what has been a long road for this scheme. Started many years ago, it has been through many iterations of design before arriving at the final proposal. We’re proud to have dealt with the landscape issues which were critical to the approval, and supported developers Enerco and lead planners McCarthy Keville O’Sullivan.

Here it is in the press.

And for the appeal decision click here.

Barnesmore Gap

 Above: The Barnesmore Gap, which would be protected through the careful design of the scheme.

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