Hespin Wood landfill extension submitted

Our planning staff have just completed and submitted an application to extend the operational life of the Hespin Wood landfill site together with phasing and profile amendments. The Hespin Wood landfill site, just north of Carlisle, has been operating since the 1970’s. It was developed principally to manage the domestic and industrial wastes from Carlisle and North Cumbria. It currently operates under a permission issued in 2000 and waste management has changed markedly since that time. Developments on the site; the A74 widening and the construction of a Mechanical Biological Treatment Facility, have affected the available area for the landfill necessitating changes to both the phasing scheme and final site profile. Domestic waste is now managed in a more sustainable manner and waste reduction and recycling initiatives have reduced commercial and industrial waste inputs. Planning permission has been sought extend the operational period by 19 years. We await the decision of Cumbria County Council on this application with interest.


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