Kingmoor ERF Granted Consent

Stephenson Halliday is delighted by Cumbria County Councils decision to grant planning permission for the Kingmoor ERF.

The Kingmoor ERF involves the construction of a facility which would receive up to 195,000 tonnes per year of refuse derived fuel (RDF) generated within Cumbria and the surrounding area. The power plant would create up to 40 new skilled long term jobs within the local area.  During the construction phase a further 100+ jobs would be created.  In total the power plant would require over £80 million of direct investment and once operational will generate up to 22MW.

Stephenson Halliday undertook an EIA for the proposal, co-ordinating the ES and providing the landscape and visual impact assessment for the site and the provision of post-submission management services.

A spokesperson for the Applicant said;

“We are delighted by Cumbria County Council’s decision to approve planning permission for the Kingmoor ERF. This decision takes us a big step closer to realising the development. This new facility, which provides a more environmentally friendly alternative to landfill, has many key benefits for the area.  Once it is operational, up to 40 new, permanent jobs will be created. The power plant will also generate up to 22MW of low carbon renewable energy to local industry, or enough to supply over 45,000 homes. It will secure approximately £80m of inward investment which will be directed into the local area. We look forward to ensuring that these key benefits become a reality”.

See more on the Kingmoor application here.

Kingmoor Site - Publicity Graphic cropped copy

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