RSK group is working alongside Morgan Sindall on a sensitive project within the Peak District to underground 2 km of an existing overhead line as part of National Grid’s Visual Impact Provision (VIP) project funded by Ofgem. RSK Landscape (now part of Stephenson Halliday) has fulfilled the role of Landscape Clerk of Works. The undergrounded […]

Stephenson Halliday provided specialists support to this project as a subcontractor to Rambol Environment for SHETL. The project was one of a suite funded by OfgeM under its VIP funding programme to investigate the opportunities to replace pylons with the greatest visual effect with underground connections. Stephenson Halliday undertook the Landscape & Visual Impact Assessments […]

This 400kV grid connection to the Moorside Nuclear Power Station would have included overhead line, underground cable, subsea tunnel, new substations and associated temporary construction infrastructure (compounds, access tracks, temporary and permanent lower voltage diversions) within and in close proximity to multiple national and European level designations. Stephenson Halliday led the landscape and visual effect […]

A Stephenson Halliday Technical Director was approached by National Grid to take on the role of a Consultant Consents Officer to drive the preparation of the Strategic Options Appraisal for this potential DCO project to reinforce the Gas National Transmission System. The role has required liaison with engineering, environmental, commercial and consents teams to ensure […]