The urban context presents specific challenges. For the Great Suffolk Street project for Tailored Living Solutions, we assessed the impact of redevelopment in a Conservation Area. The new buildings proposed are taller than those currently on site, and both the heights and materials needed to be considered carefully to ensure the development respects the local […]

After almost 20 years of successful operation, Harlock Hill is ready to be repowered.  Stephenson Halliday assisted Infinergy in achieving this goal, securing consent in July 2014 for five 99.5m turbines with a total installed capacity of up to 11.5MW. Stephenson Halliday assisted in layout design and the critical landscape and visual assessment. The key […]

Stephenson Halliday coordinated the production of the feasibility study, including the associated layout plans and photomontage visualisations. This identified options for formalising parking, toilets and interpretive signage in this area to reduce the landscape and visual impact and reduce the disruption to the locals as far as possible. Wasdale Head is a popular area for […]