Colony Candles


Chandlers Country Properties Ltd


Single Wind Turbine

Details & Location

Single wind turbine (61m to tip) and associated infrastructure at Colony Candles Factory Lindal-in-Furness, Cumbria.


Constructed 2014

Stephenson Halliday prepared the planning application for a single wind turbine on land close to (and which was designed to help power) the Wax Lyrical Candle Factory at Lindal. It was a considerable disappointment when the proposal was refused permission, in December 2012. We, consequently, advised our client to appeal through the written representations procedure and duly prepared the appeal documents. Our arguments were that the landscape and visual effects of the proposal were modest due to the scale of the turbine, its location and the type of landscape in which it would be located. In contrast the environmental and economic benefits of the proposal were very significant given the high power demand of the candle factory, it’s international export record and substantial number of local employees. The Inspector agreed and planning permission was granted in December 2013.

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