Distington Material Recovery Facility


Cumbria Waste Management


Waste Transfer and Materials Recycling Facility

Details & Location

Construction of a new Materials Recovery Facility on land adjacent to the Distington Landfill Site.


Approved 2010 and constructed 2013

The Distington Materials Recovery Facility was part of the response to the fundamental changes through which the waste industry has been. These changes have seen the introduction of legislative and financial drivers to move waste management towards more sustainable management options. In Cumbria particularly this meant a move from landfill to increased recovery and recycling and the sustainable processing of residual wastes.

CWM’s facility at Distington serves a number of purposes. As a replacement for the Distington landfill site it provides an opportunity to recover recyclable materials and then acts to bulk up and prepare wastes for efficient haulage to processing facilities.

Securing the planning permission for the Distington MRF was challenging. It was a greenfield site located to the south of the former aluminium works with potential for contamination.

The proposal involved a number of large buildings visible from a number of viewpoints. We prepared a persuasive planning case for the location of the facility with reference to operational benefits of its proximity to, and direct access from, the adjacent landfill site. We also prepared a series of photomontages including the progress of planting schemes over the years following planting.

Contamination was addressed through a combination of desktop assessment and conditions attached to the planning permission.