Examination of the North Yorkshire Minerals and Waste Joint Plan


Frack Free Ryedale (FFR)


North Yorkshire Minerals and Waste Joint Plan (NY MWJP) - Written representations and attendance at the Examination in Public

Details & Location

North Yorkshire


Plan examination / pre-adoption

Stephenson Halliday recently represented Frack Free Ryedale (FFR) in relation to the Examination of the North Yorkshire Minerals and Waste Joint Plan (NY MWJP). Chiefly concerned with the Hydrocarbons section of the Plan, the team produced written representations on behalf of FFR, in addition to attending the Examination in Public (EiP) in March 2018.

The overall aim of the project was to assist FFR in promoting their objectives and policies within the Plan, to provide a robust policy framework and to achieve policies which encompassed a true local expression of national planning policy. Stephenson Halliday carefully reviewed the joint policy position in relation to Hydrocarbons and made suggestions where it was considered that policies and the supporting text could be strengthened, either by rewording or through the inclusion of additional text. Where possible, Stephenson Halliday’s suggested text revisions promoted strong protection of the environment, public health and residential amenity.

During the EiP, the Planning Inspector duly considered the coherent arguments put forward by Stephenson Halliday on behalf of FFR, including support of the Council’s position and resisting substantive changes to the Hydrocarbons section of the plan, in order to meet the requirement of para. 150 of the NPPF (to reflect local priorities and aspirations).

The plan is scheduled for adoption later this year.