Hespin Wood secondary aggregate production facility


Cumbria Waste Management


Relocation of Secondary Aggregates Production Facility

Details & Location

Carlisle, Cumbria



The secondary aggregates production facility is one of the facilities developed to recycle wastes in place of landfilling. Each year the facility processes around 50,000 tonnes of inert wastes such as soils brick and concrete. These materials are screened and crushed to create products which can be re-used by the construction industry.

Stephenson Halliday prepared and submitted the application to relocate the facility to a new position on the Hespin Wood Waste Management Park. The driver for this change was that the site of the facility was that required for one of the two Mechanical Biological Treatment plants required to divert municipal wastes from landfill. The proposed site was one of the tree blocks which gives its name to Hespin Wood and we had to provide tree surveys and justification for the loss of this woodland before planning permission was granted.