Hespin Wood SRF/RDF Production facility


Cumbria Waste Management


Revised landfill site design and extended duration of permission

Details & Location

Carlisle, Cumbria



In May 2018 Stephenson Halliday submitted an application for an additional facility at the Hespin Wood Waste Management Park to enable our clients, Cumbria Waste Management, to produce Refuse Derived Fuel.

The application was subject to significant opposition from members of the local community concerned about the fuel produced at the facility being used locally. An application for an Energy from Waste Plant had been approved nearby. In response, and at the meeting of the planning committee, we made the point that this application is only for the production of the material and not its final use which could be anywhere. Additionally, the processing of wastes to produce a fuel moves the management of these wastes up the waste hierarchy as otherwise they would be landfilled. The Council agreed and planning permission was granted in October 2018.