Banks Renewables


104 MW Wind Farm

Details & Location

South Lanarkshire


Consented May 2014

Stephenson Halliday produced a Landscape and Visual Assessment on behalf of Banks Renewables for Kype Muir Wind farm (26 turbines, 132m to blade tip) near Strathaven in South Lanarkshire.  The site is located within a preferred area of search as set out within the South Lanarkshire Local Plan and extensive design work was undertaken to achieve an appropriate landscape fit in the context of other operational and consented developments.

In addition a detailed residential assessment and Cumulative Assessment was undertaken along with the full range of drawings, ZTV’s and wireframe/photomontage visualisations for inclusion in the E.S. document.

We also produced a post application rebuttal in response to consultation comments from SNH.

This proposal was approved by the Scottish Government in May 2014.