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Planning for Shale Oil and Gas

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Stephenson Halliday was commissioned by the Local Government Association’s Planning Advisory Service to:

  • Deliver training to Local Planning Authorities on Planning for Shale Oil and Gas
  • Prepare a Case Study to identify Good Practice among Local Planning Authorities who have dealt with these types of planning application.

Extraction of Shale Oil and Gas (Unconventional Hydrocarbons) is controversial whether or not it involves Hydraulic Fracturing (“Fracking”).  Many Local Planning Authorities are facing decisions on applications which are new to the UK and requested Training Days from Stephenson Halliday.  The objective of the Training was to increase Council Members’ and Officers’ understanding of shale gas and oil exploration and extraction and to provide a forum to debate the planning issues.

The sessions included presentations on uses for Shale gas and oil, extraction and exploration, role of regulators, planning issues and decision making. Breakout sessions, quizzes and plenty of Q &A opportunities were also involved. Training was delivered to over 20 local authorities.

Feedback from the attendees at the Training Days was excellent and a number of authorities requested additional sessions when either the membership of the planning committee had changed or additional interest from industry was anticipated.

The Case Study involved interviews with North Yorkshire, Lancashire, Nottinghamshire and West Sussex and identifies good practice for Planning Authorities dealing with planning applications for shale oil and gas: Top Tips.  The document is available on the PAS website in addition to the Stephenson Halliday website.