Roan Edge Waste recycling & management facility


L & W Wilson (Endmoor) Ltd

Details & Location

Roan Edge Landfill, Killington, Cumbria



Stephenson Halliday have successfully supported L+W Wilson (Endmoor) Ltd to secure necessary planning approvals for the continued operation and expansion of their activities at Roan Edge Waste Recycling and Management Facility.

To manage risks we developed a planning strategy to proceed via a total of five separate planning applications. The first three secured the immediate future of the site by securing an extended duration for all operations on the site for an additional 15 years.

The final two applications sought a 2 hectare extension to the site and the erection of a new building to house a concrete batching plant. Stephenson Halliday managed all the applications following submission including negotiations on conditions.

Following the award of all consents we have subsequently been retained to prepare schemes to discharge conditions.

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