West Bolden Residential Site


Buckley Burnett

Local Plan representation for 50 unit residential site at West Boldon for Buckley Burnett

Stephenson Halliday were commissioned to prepare a Vision Document to accompany local plan representations. It provided details of how the site could come forward for residential development over the forthcoming plan period, including an analysis of constraints and opportunities. In addition, the document outlined the range of benefits which could be achieved, if residential development on the site were to occur.

In preparing the Vision Document, technical advice was sought from a team of experts, in order to inform the likely layout of future development on the site and to ensure a well-rounded proposal of a sensitive design.

Representation were prepared to support the bringing forward of a high quality residential development at land in West Boldon, which sought to meet a local need for family homes whilst taking into account the site’s edge of settlement location and the need to protect and enhance the local environment.

Stephenson Halliday were commissioned to coordinate the preparation of the vision document, including overseeing inputs from the sub-consultants. In addition, the document was prepared by the Stephenson Halliday graphics team which sought to present the information in an attractive and easily accessible format which would corroborate the arguments in support of residential development on the site.

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