Renewables Return…?

We have been following the fate of renewables appeals for some time now via the excellent monthly digest of decisions provided by Squires Patton Boggs.

For anyone involved in renewable energy the digests have, without exception,  made gloomy reading. What has of late been a catalogue of recovered decisions by the Secretary of State and subsequent dismissals, has at last turned around.

However, the most recent digest containing the outcomes of 10 appeals reveals that 9/10 were approved.

The approvals comprised 2 wind farms, and 7 single wind turbines. Interesting none of the decisions used the Written Ministerial Statement as a basis for refusal, contrasting other recent decisions.

We must be cautious about reading too much in to these decisions, but, if nothing else in a week which has starkly illustrated what constitutes a long time in politics, is it too early to ask are we really seeing renewables returning?


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