Rigg Farm ROMP Submitted

Rigg Farm Quarry, owned by Raeburn Brick Limited, is  brick making clay quarry located to the south of East Kilbride in South Lanarkshire. The quarry was originally granted planning permission in 1967 and has not been worked for a number of years.

Stephenson Halliday has recently submitted a ‘Review of Old Minerals Permission’ (ROMP) application to South Lanarkshire Council to enable the resumption of working the site. Stephenson Halliday prepared a Planning Statement, Landscape and Visual Appraisal, revised working plans and co-ordinated the preparation of the planning application which also including ecological surveys, hydrogeological and hydrological impact assessment and a flood risk assessment.

The revised working scheme ensures a significant permitted reserve of brick making clay is retained, whilst reducing the quarry’s potential environmental effects. Additional mitigation measures incorporated into the redesigned quarry plans involve stand offs from habitat used by protected species, additional bunding and screen planting along boundaries to reduce visual impact, redesign of excavation area to minimise hedgerow and tree loss, additional stand off from a water course, additional surface water attenuation capacity to manage peak rainfall etc. and up-front restoration of formerly worked areas of the site.


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