Residential Property & Urban Development

For residential development our track record is diverse and encompasses support throughout the development cycle extending from individual dwellings through to sites with hundreds of units. We secure approval for change of use / conversion as well as securing consent for new build development on both greenfield and brownfield sites. We provide honest appraisals of site potential and can help you position and promote sites through the plan allocation process and co-ordinate and prepare all necessary submissions for outline or full planning applications. We also create landscape designs to provide distinguishing character and sense of place by responding to each sites unique context and defining clear and deliverable landscape, open space and green infrastructure recommendations.

The urban environment brings its own evolving challenges (as shopping, working and recreational habits change) to find the balance between heritage and townscape and the ambitions and aspirations of a modern city or town. Our team have experience of urban projects, including townscape and visual impact assessment for tall buildings, in locations as diverse as London, Edinburgh, Oxford, Birmingham and Poole. With two of our planning teams located within busy city centres currently undergoing regeneration and improvement, we see every day the impact that good urban planning has on the lives of those that live and work within an urban environment. These projects need to respond to specialist planning and design requirements, including urban masterplans; tall buildings policies and the protection of historically or culturally important views. Clearly expressing the impact of change, in the context of both a dynamic city environment, and historic and valued Conservation Areas and public parks, is vital to the success of these projects; as is the ability to appreciate and clearly describe the visual composition of built form and how a proposal interacts with its surroundings.

The following projects provide a snapshot overview of the range of projects we have worked on but cannot cover every example.

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Dalscone Homes

Stephenson Halliday provided landscape design proposals and visualisations for a housing development by Border Homes. The visibility and massing of the development viewed from...