Small/Medium Scale Wind

The Feed in Tariff scheme (FiTs) is a Government incentive whereby individuals are paid for the electricity they generate, even if it is used on-site.  The tariff amount is dependent on the generating capacity of the installation.  For individual wind turbines, the bracket of 100kW to 500kW offers an excellent return on investment.

Obtaining planning permission for this scale of wind turbine is challenging, and often time critical to ensure consent is obtained before periodic  FiTs reviews affect the financial return.  Whether providing all specialist inputs and managing the whole planning process, or integrating individual services into a wider team, we offer the expert guidance to take your project from inception through to planning consent. 

We recognise that budgets for this scale of development are limited with our clients often self-funding the development. Our pragmatic approach ensures that the correct information is submitted with your application resulting in as efficient a process as possible. 


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