Tidal & Hydro

Stephenson Halliday provide landscape, planning, EIA and project management services for water driven power projects whether run of the river hydro, pumped storage, tidal or wave based. These projects are often a scale where there is real potential to reduce costs through GIS led constraints studies to assist with site search and comparison of options and by effective screening and scoping activities to avoid EIA where possible and focus the scope of necessary studies down onto the minimum necessary to support applications.

Our landscape services encompass seascape and landscape and visual impact assessment with a focus on providing detailed design advice for the often remote and sensitive locations where such projects are sited. We prepare planning submissions that really ‘sell’ the policy basis for support along with other necessary environmental submissions. Once consented we can support through detailed design and with discharging of planning conditions and can provide a site supervision and clerk of works role at the construction stage.

The following projects provide a snapshot overview of the range of projects we have worked on but cannot cover every example.

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Islay Tidal Energy

Stephenson Halliday was pleased to assist DPE Marine Energy with the preparation of a Seascape, Landscape and Visual Assessment (SLVIA) for the West Islay...


Stephenson Halliday was commissioned by Dulas to produce a LVIA report and supporting graphics as part of the EIA application for Gleann Casaig Hydro...


Stephenson Halliday was commissioned by Greencat Renewables to produce detailed planting plans and a landscape restoration specification as part of the work to discharge...