We have worked alongside the construction aggregates sector since our inception as a practice and have been involved in hard rock, sand and gravel sites from the midlands through the north of England and in Scotland for every scale of operator. We can offer our clients a wealth of experience and knowledge to assist their businesses continuity and help to ensure sustained levels of production for construction projects. All our work is ensured to be ‘Inquiry ready’, knowing that planning consent at a local level is increasingly challenging, and we have considerable experience appearing as expert witnesses at Public Inquiry.

We build, lead and co-ordinate specialist teams of consultants to deliver robust EIA in support of aggregate mineral sites including for RoMPs, planning permission renewals and variations. Our chartered planning team has particular expertise in coordinating large and complex submissions, whilst our team of chartered landscape architects provide specialist input to landscape and visual assessment, restoration design and aftercare elements of the process. We work in industry-standard software such as LSS in order to dovetail quarry designs with geology and geotechnical best practice. We also have detailed knowledge of fixed installations such as batching plants, asphalt plants and rail.

The following projects provide a snapshot overview of the range of projects we have worked on but cannot cover every example.

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Tendley Quarry

Stephenson Halliday coordinated the Environmental Statement to accompany the planning application for a major twenty five year extension of this limestone quarry. The practice...

Overby Sand Quarry

Thomas Armstrong have been extracting sand from a ridge of fluvio glacial sand near Westnewton for over 50 years. A processing bagging plant at...