EIA and Project Management are at the heart of Stephenson Halliday’s services. The need to consider the environmental consequences of development proposals, whether small scale applications, major development proposals or nationally significant infrastructure projects, is an inherent part of the planning approval process. Whilst this may feel like a cost and programme burden, our experienced team can guide you through the environmental appraisal or Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) process using it to add value to your project outcomes. Our enviable success rate flows from the expertise and passion of our staff to deliver successful project outcomes in the energy, minerals, waste, infrastructure, residential, commercial property, rural development and tourism sectors.

As an IEMA accredited company we are recognised as ‘competent experts’. We apply our understanding of the EIA Regulations and relevant policy context to robustly scope the proposal identifying the right level of environmental information for the combination of project type, scale and location you are progressing. In some instances this may mean screening out the need for EIA and replacing with a lighter touch environmental appraisal instead of a multi-topic (EIA) with Environmental Statement.


Screening, Scoping and Appraisals

Studying the right issues is crucial to achieving successful outcomes in a cost effective manner. Too often relatively minor issues are covered as a...

EIA and Constraint led project design

For projects requiring the completion of an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) we co-ordinate project design activity as an integral part of our EIA and...

Co-ordination of specialist teams

We concentrate our own services on a core of technical disciplines that drive the direction and outcome of the projects we work on. This...