Co-ordination of specialist teams

We concentrate our own services on a core of technical disciplines that drive the direction and outcome of the projects we work on. This gives our staff a high level of multi-disciplinary understanding allowing us to effectively challenge and review the work of technical topic specialists forming part of your wider delivery team.

Where appropriate we build bespoke technical teams to meet the specific needs of projects. This allows us to pick the real experts for the job with the right combination of local experience, project specific knowledge and commercial value. We have a core network of like-minded SMEs that we routinely turn to for support but also add other specialists (possibly through competitive tender) where necessary to make the difference to project success.

The following projects provide a snapshot overview of the range of projects we have worked on but cannot cover every example.

Contact us to discuss our experience relevant to your specific needs.


Great Meadow Estate

Castletown Residential Led Urban Extension Isle of Man planning policy requires the submission of an EIA for applications above 30 homes. Stephenson Halliday were...

Withernwick Wind Farm

Stephenson Halliday undertook landscape and visual impact assessment, including cumulative assessment, for Phases 1 and 2 of the Withernwick Wind Farm.

Burlington Slate, Kirkby Quarry

Stephenson Halliday has prepared an EIA for proposals to extend and progressively restore Kirkby Slate Quarry on the edge of the Lake District National...