Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment

We are national leaders in Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment (LVIA) to accompany planning applications, either as part of an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) or as a free standing appraisal for non- EIA developments. We don’t just comply with the current guidance, but work to advance best practices. Our experience is unrivalled, having completed landscape and visual impact assessments (including seascape and townscape assessments) for developments across all industry sectors including numerous forms of built development (individual dwellings, multiple unit sites, commercial and industrial property and infrastructure assets) and around 200 wind farms and other renewable energy developments.

But assessment is only half the story- we provide pragmatic advice on critical landscape and visual design issues to ensure that developments seek to avoid or reduce adverse effects to consentable levels. Various techniques are used including visibility mapping and ZVI preparation to provide advice on siting, scale & massing, photomontage visualisations and layout of development. Our involvement in an iterative design process can make or break a scheme in terms of acceptability to a planning authority and comes from being good listeners as we refine the scope of every scheme to tailor it to meet the needs of the client, the development, and the policy context in which it exists.

The following projects provide a snapshot overview of the range of projects we have worked on but cannot cover every example.

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Pennyfeathers is a proposed residential and mixed-use development near Ryde, Isle of Wight. The development will comprise 904 residential units, community facilities including a...

North West Coast Connection for National Grid

This 400kV grid connection to the Moorside Nuclear Power Station would have included overhead line, underground cable, subsea tunnel, new substations and associated temporary...

Kirkby Quarry LVIA

Stephenson Halliday prepared the Landscape and Visual impact Assessment (LVIA) for the proposal to extend and progressively restore the operational Kirkby Slate Quarry. The...

Kelvin Energy Recovery Facility

The Kelvin Energy Recovery Facility (ERF), West Bromwich aims to provide both capacity to manage non-recyclable waste and to generate electricity and heat by...

Withernwick Wind Farm

Stephenson Halliday undertook landscape and visual impact assessment, including cumulative assessment, for Phases 1 and 2 of the Withernwick Wind Farm.

Lidl Regional Distribution Centre

Stephenson Halliday prepared a landscape and visual assessment for Lidl’s proposed Regional Distribution Centre at Eurocentral, near Holytown, North Lanarkshire. Our landscape architects and...