Appeals, Training , Consent Implementation & Enforcement

If a planning decision has gone against you, we appreciate the frustration this can cause. Our planning appeal service aims to understand the reasons for refusal and use our experience and knowledge of the planning system to achieve a positive outcome. We have considerable experience dealing with all types of appeal and provide bespoke services to manage and submit written representations, attend appeal hearings, or prepare and present evidence at Public Inquiries. This experience also means we are well placed to assist decision making bodies to train staff, officers and committee members to correctly determine applications.

Having obtained planning permission it is likely that a number of conditions will need to be discharged prior to, or during, the process of implementing that permission. We can manage the discharge of conditions with the planning authority and seek variations where appropriate or necessary. We can also oversee compliance with restoration and aftercare provisions following the completion of works. Occasionally our clients inadvertently depart from their planning permissions and are faced with potential enforcement action from planning authorities. We can help you negotiate the most appropriate response for you to minimise the impact on your business.

The following projects provide a snapshot overview of the range of projects we have worked on but cannot cover every example. Contact us to discuss our experience relevant to your specific needs.


Withernwick Wind Farm

Stephenson Halliday undertook landscape and visual impact assessment, including cumulative assessment, for Phases 1 and 2 of the Withernwick Wind Farm.

Clochnahill Wind Farm

Aberdeenshire Council refused to grant permission for a four wind turbine scheme at this site near Stonehaven. Hugh Gordon decided to appeal against this...

Colony Candles

Stephenson Halliday prepared the planning application for a single wind turbine on land close to (and which was designed to help power) the Wax...