3D Animation & Graphics

3D Animations are being used as a key tool within the design industry providing an ideal way to visually communicate complex developments in a clear and concise way whether to project teams, communities, stakeholders or decision makers. Our work spans all development sectors and includes wind farms, hydro-power dams, urban development, campus development, infrastructure and even 3D modelling of aviation airspace constraints for use in EIA, LVIA, ES and Public Inquiry. We have supported projects through various lifecycle stages including:

  • Design: accelerating the design process by quickly exploring opportunities, constraints and options amongst the project team
  • Consultation: Facilitating interactive community and stakeholder engagement
  • Planning: Communicating simply and effectively to decision makers
  • Post Submission: Exploring specific issues or stakeholder objections comprehensively and quickly

At Stephenson Halliday we have the expertise to turn your concepts into 3D animation such as animated photomontages; fly-throughs or interactive models through a cost efficient, professional service.

The following show reel provides a snapshot overview of the range of projects we have worked on but cannot cover every example.

Contact us to discuss our experience relevant to your specific needs.