Photomontage & Visualisation

Regularly tested at the highest level, the accuracy and reliability of our photomontage work is a result of our professional rigor and demonstrable QA.

The Visualisation and Graphics Team at Stephenson Halliday is at the industry forefront of producing the highest quality photomontages and visualisations for EIA, LVIA, ES and public inquiries. We have earned a respected position built on detailed knowledge of industry visualisation standards such as:

  • Visual Representation of Windfarms: Good Practice Guidance v2.2 (Scottish Natural Heritage, February 2017)
  • Visualisation Standards for Wind Energy Developments (The Highland Council, July 2016)
  • Visual Representation of Development Proposals: Technical Guidance Note 02/17 (Landscape Institute, March 2017)

This has led to us not only producing photomontages for over 140 wind energy projects across the UK, but also being a go-to consultancy for professional peer reviews within the industry.