GIS & CAD Plans

Our Visualisation and Graphics Team mixes GIS and CAD expertise to create clear and understandable graphics.

A geographic information system (GIS) lets you visualise, interrogate, analyse, and interpret data to understand relationships and patterns, and is involved in almost all of our projects. Our mix of Computer aided Design and GIS skills provides you with the mapping resource you need to apply to a wide range of project requirements such as:

  • Database production and management;
  • Data analysis (site search; landscape capacity; site constraints; heatmapping)
  • Topographical mapping
  • Visibility mapping (ZTVs, Residential line of sight)
  • Interactive storyboards
  • Planning figures
  • Landscape character
  • Ecology graphics (e.g: phase 1 habitat survey; bat survey; newt survey; etc)
  • Archaeological mapping (Scheduled ancient monument plans; etc)
  • Planning designations
  • Any kind of LVIA, ES, planning or EIA map.
  • Landscape capacity assessment
  • Site search or Constraints analysis