Stephenson Halliday Provide Expert Advice on Fracking

Stephenson Halliday has been commissioned by PAS (Planning Advisory Service) to provide expert advice to minerals planning authorities (MPAs) on the subject of fracking.  The work involves the delivery of training sessions to planning committee members and production of a case study of planning authorities who have dealt with proposals for fracking in their local areas.

Following the training delivered by Stephenson Halliday in the spring to officers at various planning authorities, PAS has requested that we deliver similar sessions to members of local planning committees.  The training will be tailored to the needs of the councillors  and we plan to deliver an interactive session where debate of key issues is encouraged.

The case study work will look in detail at four MPAs who have dealt with, or are dealing with proposals for fracking. Using interviews with the officers involved we hope to identify trends on topics such as resourcing requirements, timeframes and public engagement.  The case study will provide top tips for other authorities who are dealing with these types of developments, offering advice on pitfalls to avoid and what worked well for other authorities.

Stephenson Halliday was involved in the first public inquiry into fracking proposals in the UK in early 2016, providing planning and landscape services to one of the Rule 6 parties.  Further information can be found here.

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