Withernwick Wind Farm Extension Decision: Approved

We are delighted to report that the proposed Withernwick Wind Farm extension located in the East Riding of Yorkshire was granted planning consent by the Planning Inspectorate on 19th December following Public Inquiry in October 2016.

The main issue considered at Inquiry was the landscape and visual impact of the scheme. Stephenson Halliday landscape director Ken Halliday was the expert witness giving evidence on behalf of developer EnergieKontor.

Inspector Baird concluded that:

‘Whilst turbines are tall utilitarian structures, the landscape characteristics of the Holderness area would be largely maintained i.e. a medium to large landscape with expansive open views. In this context, I consider the proposed extension would not industrialise the landscape and would not conflict with the vision and objectives of the LP and Policies S2 and ENV2 in particular.’

He also considered the effects of the turbines upon the visual amenity of people living in the closest houses and concluded:

‘In terms of the effect on neighbours’ living conditions; whilst there would be a material change in the views obtained from a substantial number of properties, the change would not result in any property becoming an unacceptable or unattractive place in which to live.’

Concluding finally:

‘Accordingly, I conclude that the proposed extension to the Withernwick Wind Farm does not conflict with the vision and objectives of the LP and the Framework taken as a whole. Accordingly, I conclude that this appeal should be allowed.’

For more detail the Withernwick Wind Farm decision notice can be downloaded here: withernwick-wind-farm-extension-descision-notice.


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